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How to Use dbForge SQL Complete 4.7 to Boost Your Coding Productivity

How to Use dbForge SQL Complete 4.7 to Boost Your Coding Productivity

dbForge SQL Complete 4.7 is a powerful add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio that offers advanced IntelliSense-style code completion, formatting, refactoring, debugging, and data manipulation features. In this article, we will show you how to use some of the most useful features of SQL Complete to speed up your SQL coding and improve your code quality.

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Autocompletion and Statement Expansion

One of the main benefits of SQL Complete is that it provides context-specific suggestions for SQL keywords, database objects, parameters, functions, operators, and more. You can type a few letters and press Ctrl+Space to see a list of possible completions. You can also use Tab or Enter to insert the selected suggestion.

SQL Complete also supports statement expansion, which allows you to quickly generate complex SQL statements from predefined templates. For example, you can type "sel" and press Tab to expand it into a SELECT statement template. You can then use Tab to navigate between the placeholders and fill in the details.

Code Formatting and Refactoring

Another useful feature of SQL Complete is that it helps you format and refactor your SQL code according to your preferences and standards. You can use Ctrl+K,D to format the current document or Ctrl+K,F to format the current selection. You can also customize the formatting options in the Options dialog.

SQL Complete also offers several code refactoring options, such as renaming variables, parameters, aliases, or objects; qualifying object names with schemas; encapsulating code as a stored procedure or a function; adding or removing brackets; and more. You can access these options by right-clicking on the code and selecting Refactor.

Data Manipulation and Debugging

SQL Complete also helps you manipulate and analyze data in your database. You can use the Data Grid feature to view, edit, filter, sort, group, or export data from tables or views. You can also use the Data Compare feature to compare and synchronize data between two databases or backups.

Another handy feature of SQL Complete is the T-SQL Debugger, which allows you to debug your SQL code directly from SSMS. You can set breakpoints, view call stacks and watches, step through the code, and examine the run-time behavior of your database objects.


dbForge SQL Complete 4.7 is a must-have tool for any SQL developer who wants to boost their coding productivity and improve their code quality. It offers many features that are not available in SSMS or Visual Studio IntelliSense, such as advanced autocompletion, statement expansion, code formatting, refactoring, debugging, and data manipulation. You can download a free trial version of SQL Complete from here or get it as part of the dbForge SQL Tools bundle from here. 29c81ba772


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