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Sultan Kornilov
Sultan Kornilov

Draven Star

Hi April, I left you a message on Raverly as well. I was in need of a star pattern for a project I will be posting at in Jan. Yours was perfect except it was twice the size I needed. Would you mind if I post the changes I made to the pattern with a link back here for the original? You can email me if you would like at Thanks!

draven star

Hi Jennylong (and Sara), simply using a thiner yarn can be a solution!I don't know the commercial yarns available in your country, or their sizes, or even how to tell a yarn's size (or needles for that matter, as the ones I inherited from my grandma seems to follow a senseless numbering).So I picked the pretty light blue yarn I had here (I think this one is usually used for making light clothes), and started doing this star. It came out at 8cm tall, which is less than half the size April said it would be.Loved it! :DI think it could be used to hang on a christmas tree (if you don't mind having smaller stars besides the one on top), and I have seen bigger keyring-things than this, so it probably could do too!Or simply hanging anywhere in the house ^^Thank's, April! 041b061a72


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