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A Prayer to Welcome the Holy Spirit into Our Day:

Holy Spirit, I welcome You. I know that You are the Counselor of Truth, my help in need, and the One who fills me with the Spirit of God. Holy Spirit, I pray this very day to come into greater communion with You. You so graciously work to intercede for me to the Father, but also to comfort me with Your peace that goes beyond all understanding. Holy Spirit, please come.

Holy Spirit, today I ask for godly counsel and direction. Like it says in Psalm 37:4 to delight yourselves in the Lord,  I boldly seek to do so today. Following the will and heart of the Father is my greatest desire, because I know His plans are best for me and, in the end, glorify the kingdom. Holy Spirit, please lead me by Your wisdom, discernment, and kindness throughout my life. If there is someone in my path that I need to talk to today, please make it known while I am going about my day. Keep me alert to what you have to say and give me the strength and obedience to do what you ask me to do.

Holy Spirit I praise and thank You for the love lavished upon me. Holy Spirit, I seek and want to be in Your presence, to feel the inner work of You in my own heart and mind. Holy Spirit I seek for a renewal in me and in my community. I ask in faith that you will light a fire of revival in Aroostook County and show me the part I am to play. I ask right now for you to speak to me. I am listening, guide me today.


 (Take a moment to sit silently, clear your mind of all the noise and tasks to do. Write down what the Spirit is revealing. It may be a person you need to talk to, a scripture verse to look up, something in your life you need to work on or a word of encouragement that you need to hear or maybe even a feeling a of peace. )

Thank you Lord for always being here. You give comfort, truth, and love. Holy Spirit, I welcome You this very day and I look forward to your continued presence and guidance. In the Name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

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