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Carroll McKenna

Thanksgiving Meals

Nov. 24, 2022 @ 11:30 A.M.

How to

Get Your Meal

Request Delivery or
Reserve a Sit-Down Meal
Call 207-764-5187 by Nov. 21th

Sit-down meals will be provided in the Framework Church building.

Call 207-764-5187


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How to

Volunteer to Serve

Event History

By Pastor Rick Kavanaugh

The Carol McKenna Thanksgiving ministry was borne out of the generous hearts of the McKennas. They had made it a habit of inviting various people to their home during the Thanksgiving season. One year my wife, Marcia, and I were privileged to be invited to their home for breakfast. They escorted us to the basement where several other people were gathered around a long table, filled with food. The first thing that grabbed me was a large pine-box coffin leaning against the wall. Carol, ever the jokester, told me it was for his funeral and he wanted to know if I would officiate the funeral for $5.00. I didn’t know his humor yet, so I wasn’t sure how to respond. I said, “Okay, sure.” That following Sunday he stuffed a $5.00 bill into my top pocket and said, “Pastor for the funeral secured.”

Carol was always joking, but when it came to serving the community, he was very serious. He loved to pour into those in need. His breakfast gathering grew until he was serving too many to host in his home. The idea was raised that we should feed people on Thanksgiving through the church. He said he would organize it. And he did. 

From the start, we were feeding scores of people, making meals and delivering them to those in need in our community, and serving people at the church who wanted to come in and join us for a sit-down dinner. The event became an annual outreach for the church—our most successful to date. 

Carol passed away too soon, (and yes, I officiated his funeral for $5.00), and in honor of his generous spirit, we named the now-annual Thanksgiving Meals ministry after him. Our Framework church family is grateful to continue the tradition of reaching out to our neighbors with a meal and a smile on Thanksgiving.

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