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Plan a Project

Below are some project ideas. Have your small group get involved and come up with some ideas. Pay attention to people and neighbors around you to find ways to love your neighbor in this season.


In most cases you will be asked to lead, organize, and finance your own projects and we will have people sign up to volunteer with you. There will be a few projects we will do together as a Church as well.


Be sure to let us know what you are doing so we can celebrate how we are glorifying the name of Jesus together.

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Organized Projects Ideas

These are the projects planned in advance by your Love Atlantic team, small group leaders,
Framework Youth, Children’s Ministry, etc. Ideally, these will be projects that others can
be invited to sign up to serve as well. To get you thinking about the possibilities, some options may

• Prepare baked goods and deliver to your local police & fire station.
• Visit a neighborhood nursing home to visit the residents, do manicures, sing, etc.
• Volunteer to do some painting, cleaning, or construction for a community organization.
• Prepare a meal and serve it at a soup kitchen.
• Clean up a section of roadway.
• Host a family fun day in the park, featuring music, face painting, balloon animals, etc.
• Conduct a food drive and deliver the contributions to your local food bank.
• Host a blood drive.
• Go on a prayer walk.
• Hold a free carwash.
• Take care of landscaping or maintenance around a local mission or business.
• Offer free car repairs for single parents.
• Wash windows at a seniors’ complex.

Individual Projects

These are the projects that are not planned or promoted by your church, but are organized by
individuals to serve on their own, with their families, or with their friends. Some of them will be
planned in advance, and others will happen spontaneously as the opportunities arise.
As much as possible, we’d love to track these projects in our overall statistics, too. Encourage
people to go to and click on the “Report My Time” link to complete the form.
To help spark some ideas among your congregation, here are some examples of projects
people can do on their own:
• Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru.
• Help a neighbor with yard work.
• Return your neighbors’ trash or compost bins from the road (after the truck has been by, of course).
• Volunteer your time on a rainy day to walk customers into the grocery store using an umbrella.
• Fill an Operation Christmas Child shoebox. (Go to
• Prepare and deliver a meal for a family dealing with a sickness, new addition to the
family, or loss of a loved one.
• Go shopping on behalf of a shut-in.
• Drop off trays of coffee and donuts for the staff at a local school.
• Deliver coffee or cold drinks to construction workers.
• Provide free babysitting for a single parent.
• Drop off a gift card for a person who regularly serves you.
• Send an unexpected note of encouragement through email. Better yet, send it in the
• Deliver some baked goods to a new neighbor.
• Go for a prayer walk through your neighborhood.
• Be creative... the possibilities are endless!

You’ll hear about many of these projects and will be able to see the website submissions from
those within your church. There will be other projects that you’ll never hear about, though, and
that’s fine, too. If people are showing radical generosity by serving others in Jesus’ name,
that’s a win, whether anyone else ever hears about it or not. Again, the glory is not to be
claimed by any individuals or churches, but solely directed toward Him.

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