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[[[WATCH ONLINE##]]] Saskatchewan Roughriders - Montreal Alouettes live stream 11 August 2023

DateLocationWinnerScore1 1949 Ottawa Rough Riders 22–212 1953 Ottawa Rough Riders 26–63 1954 Ottawa Alouettes 20–114 1955 Montreal Alouettes 34–225 1956 Montreal Alouettes 42–106 1957 Montreal Alouettes 22–217 1958 Montreal Alouettes 11–98 1959 Ottawa Alouettes 22–79 1960 Ottawa Rough Riders 40–1610 1960 Montreal Alouettes 39–2211 1961 Ottawa Rough Riders 25–2412 1963 Montreal Rough Riders 37–1513 1967 Ottawa Rough Riders 17–514 1971 Ottawa Rough Riders 40–1715 1978 Montreal Rough Riders 23–1816 1996 Ottawa Rough Riders 17–6 No. DateLocationWinnerScore1 2003 Ottawa Renegades 43–382 2004 Ottawa Alouettes 23–163 2005 Montreal Alouettes 41–18 No.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, the entire 2020 CFL season was cancelled and therefore no Labour Day weekend games were played for the first time in CFL history. [3] Hamilton[edit] Due to scheduling conflicts, the Tiger-Cats temporarily revived its rivalry with the current incarnation of the Alouettes in the Labour Day game for the 2011 season; the change in opponents led Hamilton to dub the game the Labour Day Classique in reference to Montreal's francophone community.

DateLocationWinnerScore8 2007 BC Lions 46–149 2008 Montreal Alouettes 30–2510 2009 BC Lions 19–1211 2010 Montreal Lions 38–1712 2012 Montreal Alouettes 30–2513 2015 Montreal Lions 25–16Series: Lions leads 7–6 BC vs Ottawa[edit] Lions victoriesRough Riders victoriesNo. DateLocationWinnerScore1 1981 Ottawa Rough Riders 17–72 1982 Ottawa Lions 45–133 1983 Ottawa Rough Riders 49–194 1985 Ottawa Lions 18–135 1986 BC Lions 40–106 1987 Ottawa Lions 55–167 1988 BC Lions 24–11No. DateLocationWinnerScore8 1989 BC Lions 49–329 1991 BC Lions 24–2010 1992 BC Lions 33–2711 1993 Ottawa Lions 25–2412 2002 Ottawa Lions 28–4Series: Lions leads 10–2Ottawa known as Renegades in 2002 Montreal vs Hamilton[edit] Hamilton has played and hosted the Labour Day Classic against Montreal (aka Labour Day Classique) nine times in CFL history.

DateLocationWinnerScore1 2014 Montreal Alouettes 20–102 2016 Montreal Redblacks 19–143 2017 Montreal Redblacks 32–44 2018 Ottawa Alouettes 21–115 2021 Ottawa Alouettes 51–296 2022 Montreal Redblacks 38–24Series: Redblacks leads 13–12Includes games from all Ottawa franchises Longest Winning Streak (Ottawa): 7 (1961–2003) Longest Winning Streak (Montreal): 6 (1954–1959) Did not play in following years: 1950–1952, 1962, 1964–1966, 1968–1970, 1972–1977, 1979–1986, 2002, 2015, 2019, 2020, 2023 Notes No Montreal team 1987–1995 No Ottawa team 1997–2001, 2006–2013 Other matchups[edit] BC vs Montreal[edit] Lions victoriesAlouettes victoriesNo. DateLocationWinnerScore1 1980 Montreal Lions 14–62 1997 Montreal Alouettes 26–153 1998 BC Alouettes 26–154 1999 BC Lions 44–235 2000 BC Alouettes 35–256 2001 Montreal Alouettes 23–197 2006 Montreal Lions 48–13No.

According to a Hamilton Spectator article, 2011 marked 25 years since Montreal had battled Hamilton in this Classic at home. In previous years, Montreal has played as either the Alouettes or Concordes. The Classique has been a notoriously one-sided rivalry; Hamilton is undefeated in the Labour Day series, and Montreal is winless, with their best result being a tie in the first Classique in 1962.

[7] That year, the OUA's McMaster Marauders football team moved its Labour Day matchup with the Toronto Varsity Blues football squad to Tim Hortons Field, creating a doubleheader with a series of concerts in-between games. [8] This was moved back to a 1:00 pm Eastern start in 2019. [9] [edit] Although not directly associated with the Labour Day Classic, the week after Labour Day often has a repeat match-up of the Bombers vs Roughriders (see Banjo Bowl), Stampeders vs Elks (see Battle of Alberta), and Tiger-Cats vs Argonauts (a rivalry which began in 1873), [10] with home field advantage now to the team that did not have it during the Labour Day weekend. As the league has been increasing in popularity in recent years, print ads for the Labour Day Classic try to evoke the tradition of watching Canadian football on the last weekend of summer. Slogans include "Long Live the Rivalries" and "Watch the Team You Love Play the Team You Love to Hate".

[4][5] Therefore, in 2011, this automatically resulted in Toronto and BC facing each other. In 2013, the Tiger-Cats' did not host a game on Labour Day for only the second time in franchise history (the first being 1995). [6] It was also the first time that they did not host a game on that weekend. Because Ivor Wynne Stadium was demolished to make way for the new Tim Hortons Field, the team played out of Alumni Stadium in Guelph. The University of Guelph Gryphons (along with most Ontario University Athletics teams) were playing that same day, so the Tiger-Cats could not host the game. To make up for it, the Toronto at Hamilton matchup was played in the Thanksgiving Day Classic. For the 2016 contest, to avoid any further conflicts with OUA games, the CFL moved the Toronto/Hamilton matchup to prime time Labour Day evening.

History[edit] The Labour Day Classic Logo from 2016. Mark's was the presenting sponsor of the event from 2014 to 2021. The Labour Day Classic began in 1949 and pre-dates the founding of the CFL by nine years. [citation needed] The matchups have remained mostly the same throughout history, except during Montreal and Ottawa's periods of hiatus or due to scheduling conflicts.

DateLocationWinnerScore1 1950 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 13–62 1951 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 27–63 1952 Hamilton Argonauts 33–134 1953 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 14–105 1954 Hamilton Argonauts 21–76 1955 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 37–127 1956 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 31–218 1957 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 35–89 1958 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 31–2410 1959 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 37–311 1960 Hamilton Argonauts 32–2112 1961 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 21–1913 1963 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 7–114 1964 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 24–815 1967 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 12–916 1968 Hamilton Argonauts 18–1517 1971 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 30–1718 1975 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 20–1119 1978 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 19–1620 1980 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 23–221 1987 Hamilton Argonauts 25–1922 1988 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 56–2823 1989 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 23–1824 1991 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 48–2425 1992 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 27–2426 1993 Hamilton Tiger-Cats 23–21No.

Labour Day Classic - WikipediaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the Canadian Football League tradition. For the college football rivalry in the Houston area, see Labor Day Classic. The Labour Day Classic (French: Classique de la fête du travail, branded as OK Tire Labour Day Weekend for sponsorship reasons) is a week of the Canadian Football League (CFL) schedule played over the Labour Day weekend (which includes the first Monday in September). Labour Day weekend, roughly 12 or 13 weeks into the CFL season, is known for its matchups that do not change from year to year, unlike other "rivalry" weeks of the CFL schedule. Labour Day weekend is also one of typically two weeks (the Thanksgiving Day Classic being the other) in the CFL schedule that the league plays on a Monday.


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