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Download Retro Ringtones from 80s to 21 Century

The ringtones on this website are in .mp3 format and is compatible with almost all mobile phones. Download ringtones and use them on Nokia Mobile phones, Samsung, Sony Ericsson phones, LG mobiles, Motorola phones etc...

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Crazy Frog (originally known as The Annoying Thing) is a Swedish CGI-animated character and Eurodance musician created in 2003 by actor and playwright Erik Wernquist. Marketed by the ringtone provider Jamba!, the character was originally created to accompany a sound effect produced by Daniel Malmedahl while attempting to imitate the sound of a two-stroke engine.

In April 2005, UK television viewers complained about misleading advertisements produced by Jamba!, trading as Jamster and RingtoneKing. Viewers felt that it was not made sufficiently clear that they were subscribing to a service, rather than paying a one-time fee for their ringtone. The complaints were upheld.[57]

On 21 September 2005, the ASA ruled that the Crazy Frog, along with other Jamba ringtone advertisements, could not be shown before 9pm. This adjudication was revised on 25 January 2006, maintaining the 'upheld' decision but revising the wording of one of the points.[59][60]

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Are you bored with the ringtones on your iPhone or Android? It's easier than ever to download free ringtones as well as premium tones that are clips from your favorite songs! Once you download a ringtone you like, it only takes a few seconds to set it as your default ringtone on your Android or iPhone. This wikiHow article will show you the quickest and easiest ways to download free and paid ringtones.

Shorter versions of particular songs, or sound effects from the game, are available as ringtones from the website above. The soundtrack was released in three volumes: The first, titled Volume 1, was released on May 25, 2011; Volume 2 on July 1, 2011, Volume 3 on Sept. 30, 2011, and as a 4-disk Collectors Edition on October 30, 2012. Volumes 1, 2, and 3 were composed by Mike Morasky (credited as Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories) and volume 4, the soundtrack of the first Portal game, was composed by both Morasky and Kelly Bailey.

On the first main menu screen and near the end of The Escape, when viewing GLaDOS's chamber from the outside. The second half is a remix of Music Of The Spheres, containing the drum groove from Forwarding The Cause of Science and The Reunion.

A rendition of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Little Prelude in C minor, BWV 934," but transposed from the key of C minor to F minor. The first half is played on a harpsichord. The second half, which is the same melody but very electronic-sounding and played on synthesizers, only plays when the player is being launched by a Faith Plate or flinging themself with the use of an Excursion Funnel.

Plays in GLaDOS' final talk with Chell, and the elevator ride up to the Turret Opera. The first part is a rendition of You Are Not Part of the Control Group, which is interrupted by a beep as GLaDOS supposedly deletes Caroline from her system. The second part is a rendition of Don't Do It, and the third part is a rendition of Reconstructing More Science. The song ends with the first three notes of Cara Mia Addio.

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Plays in the Hub during the co-op campaign. It's one of the only two Robot Waiting Room tracks that isn't used in Puzzle Creator chambers and isn't a remix of Halls of Science 4. Instead of being a remix of Halls of Science 4, it contains notes from You are Not Part Of the Control Group.

Every Galaxy phone or tablet comes with default ringtones, although the ones available may differ depending on your carrier. Pick a ringtone that suits you or select a song file you have stored on your device.

If you would like your phone to vibrate when your ringtone sounds, tap Vibrate while ringing from the Ringtone settings screen. From here, select Sync with ringtone, and then tap Back. Tap the switch next to Vibrate while ringing to turn it on.

Taylor Swift has mined the details of her own romantic life to great success, but on Lover's "Death by a Thousand Cuts" she switched her approach, drawing inspiration from the Netflix rom-com Someone Great.

John Mayer's "Dreaming With a Broken Heart" morphs from a delicate piano ballad to chugging blues rock jam, showcasing the breadth of Mayer's talent that made him such a star throughout the '00s. His breathy, raspy voice is uniquely suited for songs like this: smooth and sultry, but emotional on the surface.

Written by Chris Martin as a tribute to his then-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow's late father, "Fix You" is one of Coldplay's most affecting songs in a discography filled with enough tearjerkers to flood a stadium. Though the song primarily deals with death and moving on from that kind of loss, its lyrics are easy to graft onto a romance.

Out of curiosity, when you make a call, does the speakerphone function work? Some phones use the same speaker for speakerphone and ringtone sounds. If both do not work, then you have an issue with the speaker itself or the logic board.

I have similar problems with my phone vivo y69. No sounds and wen i received a phone call from any one we don't understand each other because of the speaker of my phone is not working. Any suggestions from others how to solve this? I tried to look up my settings of my phone go to sound and volume of my speaker damnnnn i tried so many times but nothings happened..

There seemed to be no easy way to use popular songs in my videos without getting copyright claims. I use the Lickd songs because it saves money, saves time and it helps me to grow my channel. My videos using popular music from Lickd have much better watch time than the other workout videos.

It's safe to say that some of the most renowned and influential country artists were in their prime during the 70s. Their music has undeniably shaped the sound of country music as we know it today - so sit back, head back in time and enjoy Holler's compilation of 100 of the finest country cuts from the decade.

More MP3-Format Old Phone RingtonesIf your mobile phone supports the MP3 file format, you could try these MP3 ringtones. They recreate the ringing sounds of various vintage phones.

Chronic diazepam use is associated withtolerance, dependence,and withdrawal. Diazepam exhibits a lower risk profile for addictionand dependence than other benzodiazepines, and it is typically usedfor treatment of withdrawal symptoms from other benzodiazepines andalcohol. Nevertheless, caution must be taken with dosage and durationfor longer-term anxiety symptoms. Benzodiazepine withdrawal symptomscan range from mild headaches and pains during gradual cessation,to psychosis, hallucinations, seizures, mania, and death from convulsionsif high-dose chronic treatment is abruptly stopped.49

Studies suggest diazepam and other benzodiazepinesbuild tolerancethrough desensitizing GABA-ergic neurons through receptor internalizationand possibly transcriptional regulation. It is also possible the NMDAglutamate excitatory system becomes over sensitized, resulting inexcitotoxicity. Additionally, benzodiazepines are known to decreasenorepinephrine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and dopamine, further perturbingnormal neuronal network equilibria. To prevent dependence and withdrawaleffects from chronic prescription, dosages can be slowly tapered offbefore complete discontinuation.50

Prior to the benzodiazepines,the world was not entirely withouttreatments to anxiety. Nevertheless, nearly all available optionsbetween chloral hydrate, barbiturates, and bromide salts were of lowtherapeutic index or long half-lives, and thus dosing was difficultto manage. Habitual administration of these earlier treatments commonlycaused tolerance. Overdoses resulted in heavy sedation, inhibitionof motor function, cognitive delays, comas, respiratory failure, andsometimes death. Compounding the detection of adverse events was thatthey were often confused with the expected side-effects. Naturally,these drugs focused on general sedation of behavior and agitationrather than addressing the underlying molecular causes. Without specificdrugs or an identified molecular mechanism, the field of psychiatryfocused on Freudian psychoanalysis rather than drugs associated withunwanted effects. Even at the advent of the psychopharmacologicalrevolution in the 1950s, the first line of anxiolytics such as meprobamatestill suffered from narrow therapeutic indexes and only meager improvementsto standards of care.2,49b,52

Google search the keywords "convert to m4r" and you'll find several free online converters. Note that some of the hits show that to convert your mp3, etc to m4r, for example, use iTunes to first convert it to the AAC format, & then etc etc. I chose to just go with converting my mp3 ringtone directly to m4r using an online converter, & then saving it to my Desktop. Very simple.

Navigate to where your new ringtone is at, select it, then click on the "Open" button (in that window, you can also multiple-select files of any kind that iTunes recognizes by holding down the Command key & select and/or de-select multiple music or ringtone or video, etc files, and iTunes will automatically route them to the correct iTunes folder).

Now select either "All tones" if you've got other tones already syncing to your iPhone, or select "Selected tones" if you want to upload only 1 or 2 ringtones to your iPhone & that's all you want to upload to your iPhone's Tones folder. If you selected "Selected tone" instead of "All tones," then in the window containing the name(s) of your new ringtones, click-checkmark whichever "Selected tones" you want to upload to your iPhone.


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