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Cooper Hernandez
Cooper Hernandez

Teddy Picker Free

The song refers to the popularity of celebrities. A 'teddy picker' is Northern slang for a crane machine, a popular machine at carnivals where prizes, particularly stuffed animals, are picked by a mechanical crane. The song equates a person getting noticed as a celebrity with a prize being picked up by a crane-a result of luck. The song expresses annoyance with people who are so desperate to be famous that they do over-the-top things to get attention, such as participate in reality shows. Such occurrences of reality show 'stars' being treated as real celebrities are especially prevalent in the UK, the home of Arctic Monkeys, where the show Big Brother has spawned such national icons as Jade Goody. The line "don't be surprised when you get bent over" refers to the number of celebrities or media darlings that are tricked or persuaded by the industry to continue their attention seeking by promises of fame or money.

Teddy Picker



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