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[S2E2] The Devil You Know

In 1977, James Carson was in Phoenix, Arizona, when his first wife noticed severe behavioral changes and left with their daughter, Jennifer.[1] Carson began a relationship with Susan Barnes, a divorcée with two teenage sons.[1] James and Susan married, and became involved in illicit drugs and mysticism.[2] At some point, Carson took the name "Michael Bear", telling his daughter in a letter that God had given him the new name "Michael"; Susan became known as "Suzan Bear."[3]

[S2E2] The Devil You Know

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That descent is deep. As Elsie and Bernard explore Outpost 12, they find a destroyed room cast in red light. And, around the corner, the man we know to be James Delos riding a stationary bicycle, while peddling backwards.

Since we're dealing with talk of the devil, the obvious place to start is Milton's epic, Paradise Lost. Much of the popular imagination of the devil as a cunning adversary of God actually comes from this text(Opens in a new tab), not the Bible. And with his scratched face and red lighting, Delos certainly looks devilish while he delivers the speech.

Going "all the way down" echoes the idea of "the fall," during which Satan attempts to battle and unseat God in Paradise Lost. But, thankfully for Earthlings, he loses, and falls back to hell. The Fall also doubles in meaning in reference to Eve and Adam's "fall" from grace in the garden of Eden, when they eat the fruit of knowledge in their quest for knowledge that doesn't belong to them. Sound familiar? When it comes to Westworld, the reference to the "fall" in Paradise Lost (and the Bible) invokes a failed attempt to take power from God, the creator of life.

In addition to its riddling tone, Delos' speech invokes this powerful myth about messed up families (hello, Delos!) in other ways. It mentions "two fathers," which overtly refers to God vs. Satan. But it could also invoke Oedipus' two fathers: the one who takes him in, and the one whom he ultimately kills. Additionally, Delos asks Elsie and Bernard if they would like to "see what I see," so the idea of vision, and learning the truth, is crucial to this riddle. Oedipus famously scratches out his own eyes as punishment for what he's done, because he can't bear to see the horror of his actions. Ultimately, blindness is Oedipus' punishment for knowledge. And, crucially, of his own hubris for thinking he could escape his fate.

The imagery of Delos' realization that Delos himself is the devil, laughing "back down" (and back up, and back down again, and again, and again), ties all these themes, references, and big questions of the show together.

In the Greek myth of Narcissus, a beautiful man (named Narcissus) falls in love with his reflection when he finds it in a pool, and dies wasting away in front of it. It's not hard to see the connection here. James Delos' self absorption causes his own posthumous torture, and reveals himself to be the devil of his own torment.

Realizing that he himself is the devil, and his own creator, alludes to a scene(Opens in a new tab) from the finale of Season 1, and a classic painting by Michaelangelo, too. In the scene, Ford explains that Michaelangelo's "The Creation of Adam" was thought to communicate the idea that God gave Adam the gift of life.

Later, Rory freaks out about her lack of volunteer opportunities and screams at Dean that she can't hang out because she needs to "find a retarded kid and teach him how to play softball." Rory is truly the most self-serving, narcissistic character on this show. She does nothing out of the goodness of her heart and prioritizes getting into Harvard over everything else. She would make a deal with the devil, Guy Woodhouse style, in exchange for a guaranteed acceptance letter.

Lorelai: Well it's like this. Um... could you put down your fork for a second? Thank you. Okay, um, you know Max?Emily: No, I don't.Lorelai: Okay, I know you don't know him know him, but you know of him, right?Emily: I've heard rumblings.Lorelai: Okay, well, um, the... Max and I have been serious for quite awhile now, and he asked me to marry him, and I said yes. I'm getting married.Emily: Well, I think that's very nice. I certainly hope we'll be in town for it, but if not I promise we'll send a nice gift. Now excuse me, I'm going to check on the roast.

Both fail to adequately express their hurt feelings. Had Emily decided to be honest instead of passive aggressively punishing Lorelai, she might have said something like this: "Actually, Lorelai, I've known about your engagement for awhile. Sookie called and invited me to the wedding shower and to be honest, I was upset that I heard the news from her instead of you." And in an alternate universe where Lorelai is more mature and level-headed, she might have stopped Emily from leaving the table and said the following: "Mom, I understand that you're upset and I'm sorry you heard about the news from Sookie. It's just that... I have a hard time sharing things with you because I'm always afraid your reaction is going to diminish my happiness."

Lorelai: Do you know how it felt for me to tell you that I was getting married and to have you just brush it off like that? Do you know?Emily: No, I don't, I don't know! Possibly very similar to finding out from a complete stranger that my only daughter was getting married and had told every other person in the world before she bothered to tell her own mother. Possibly it felt something like that. Now if you'll excuse me, it is late, and I am going to bed.

They try to keep quiet, but the Luciferians spot them and engage in a fight. In the ensuing battle, Brother Quentin (Michael James) is wounded and unfortunately dies upon arriving at the stronghold. Most of the knights blame Landry for bringing bad omens to their brotherhood and decide to brand him with a cross hoping it removes the devil from him. The Templars decide to send out a group into the forest to find the remaining Luciferians.

Meanwhile in the French courts, King Philip refuses to bury Queen Joan given his knowledge of her infidelity. He instructs his son Prince Louis to travel throughout the land and kill every baby that might be her bastard child. This allows Louis to go from village to village and do as he please including killing priests and the Templars to steal their clothing. He hopes to pose at godly men to make the people more loyal to state rather than church.

Now that we know what day and time The Devil Is a Part-Timer Season 2 Episode 2 arrives, where exactly can viewers tune in? Outside of Japan, the series will stream on Crunchyroll and Hulu. Both platforms will receive the episodes shortly after their Japanese broadcast. Both also require a subscription to access the content.

With all the essential baby products, Chiho knocked on the door of Sadao and found Ashiya in a restless condition. Apparently, with Alas Ramus throwing tantrums, it has been hard for Ashiya to even take a power nap. Chiho's efforts were enough to bring tears to the eyes of Asahi, who also offered the former the highest position in the devil's army when Sadao took over the world.

Errol and Birdman are motivated by some enigmatic purpose that involves putting on a show for an unknown, bloodthirsty audience. Each major crime scene has been shaped into a spiraling maze (DiGerlando explains in his interview with Martin), and the killer allows the detective to complete the circuit before he ends the ritual.

The official website has released the synopsis and spoiler stills of Episode 2. It is a mystery as to how Alas knows Maou's true identity as a Satan. Maou and the others, who are shocked by her claims, are eager to know who sent her to Japan.

Sherlock, in the throes of a violent nicotine fit (he swore to quit cold turkey and is not precisely making a rip roaring success of it) and a perfect frenzy of boredom, pines for a case to work upon. After ridiculing an e-mail from a child who asks him to find her "luminous rabbit" named Bluebell, he is visited by Henry Knight, a man whose father was violently ripped apart by a gigantic hound on Dartmoor twenty years earlier. Henry, then a small child, had fled in terror only to be found in a bewildered state the next morning. After years of not knowing whether or not it was a false illusion of his imagination, Henry has visited the hollow where the killing occurred, and found gigantic paw prints of a dog, prompting his request for help from Sherlock Holmes. Although initially dismissive, Sherlock suddenly becomes interested after being struck by Henry's use of the archaic word "hound". Sherlock agrees to come down to Dartmoor.

Sherlock and John interview the Dartmoor locals at a local vegetarian restaurant and inn and find that the hound has become a local legend with a guide who takes people on treks around the moor. The pair then visits the nearby Baskerville Military Base. Sherlock gains access using an ID card taken from Mycroft Holmes. They are introduced to various officials in the base: Commander Major Barrymore, genetic scientist Dr Jacqui Stapleton and Dr Bob Frankland. Sherlock deduces that Dr Stapleton is the mother of the child who contacted him about Bluebell. When their credentials finally cause a security alert, Dr Frankland vouches for Sherlock's cover as Mycroft, despite knowing Sherlock's real identity. Frankland intimates that he was a friend of Henry's father and displays a considerable concern about his well-being.

Mike hears the gunfire from his sailboat in the middle of the lake, and it's like the Bat-Signal has summoned him. He drops Iris (Emma Laird) off at his mother's house for safekeeping, and the scene makes for a fraught, but warm-hearted reunion between Mike and Kyle (Taylor Handley). The latter didn't know that Mike had found Iris after the whole Witness Protection fiasco/triple homicide last season, and, anyways, he's never actually met Iris. Miriam (Dianne Wiest) saves the day, insisting that their "guest" be shown to the extra bedroom. 041b061a72

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