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Escape from the Giant Insect Lab: A Survival Horror Game Review - GameSpot

At the beginning of the outbreak, people used a big bucket as a hand-washing station. But the bucket had to be passed around through the crowd. If more people got sick, one bucket would become full and people would start washing their hands in the next one. This meant that it wasn't possible to separate people with and without symptoms. If handwashing was allowed to take place in an an enclosed area, people with and without symptoms could be kept apart. At the end of the outbreak, camp doctors had developed a special handwashing station that also contained a basin, where sick and healthy people would wash their hands at the same time, working from the outside in. The next step is to take lessons learned during this outbreak and other lessons from the region to create a new handwashing station that contains a pair of sinks, allowing the sick to be kept out of the sinks of the healthy.

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With over 3,000 people having been treated for malaria in this outbreak, you're worried that more travelers could be brought in from the outside. On the evening of day 16, you check in on workers sleeping in shifts in the camp clinic. There are no malaria cases. The first cases of malaria in the camp arrived on the morning of day 17, but they were ignored by camp staff. By day 18, the camp clinic realizes that many people are getting sick with malaria. Camp staff start to treat people with malaria, and malaria cases decrease. You worry that more people could die of malaria if treatment was not available in the camp.

Though many people from the village of Renalto died, about half of the kids under 5 who had been sick are now healthy and showing no signs of illness. However, the health care workers in the village are so poorly equipped and trained, that they probably can't even treat chickenpox.