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Excel in .NET with SpreadsheetGear 2017 for .NET A Comprehensive Guide

SpreadsheetGear 2017 for .NET A Powerful and Flexible Excel Solution for .NET Developers


If you are a .NET developer who needs to work with Excel files, you might have encountered some challenges and limitations with the built-in or third-party libraries available. For example, you might have experienced performance issues, compatibility problems, memory leaks, or lack of features and functionality. You might have also wished for a more user-friendly and customizable way to display and interact with Excel data in your applications.

SpreadsheetGear 2017 for .NET

Fortunately, there is a solution that can address all these issues and more: SpreadsheetGear 2017 for .NET. This is a powerful and flexible Excel solution that enables you to easily take advantage of scalable Excel features and functionality in your ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, or Silverlight applications.

What is SpreadsheetGear 2017 for .NET?

SpreadsheetGear 2017 for .NET is a family of products that consists of two main components: SpreadsheetGear Engine for .NET and Spreadsheet Controls.