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Download Rockchip Create Upgrade Disk Tool Rar

You can use the Rockchip tool to flash the firmware on multiple devices simultaneously. All you have to do is connect multiple devices to your computer and let this tool to detect them. Once this tool detects your devices, you can upgrade the firmware of those devices simultaneously.

Download rockchip create upgrade disk tool rar

I have also the rbox pro but the 2g variant downloaded the latest firmware.unzip the file and got the .img file downloaded burn card maker tool and make a bootable sd card. When i used it in the sd card and reset using the toothpick method the robot logo and x appear and does nothing. When i create it to a 4gig usb disk it just went to the stock recovery. Pls help me

This OS came about from an initial port of TheRA to support a roms folder on a NTFS partition so that the management of roms could be done by simply putting you SD card into an appropriate card reader on a Windows 10 computer. Through various upgrades and tweaks overtime, it has diverged significantly from TheRA and it's time to rebrand this distro. With suggestions provided by community members, ArkOS was chosen. Short for Another rk3326 rockchip Operating System. 041b061a72