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VVHat harme and inconuenience the mynd suffereth throughe perturbations & vnruly affections bearing sway in the same, as Hatred, Anger, Wrath, Enuy, Feare, Sadnes, immoderate ioy, anguish, pensiue cares & thoughts, wyth many other troublesome motions, repugnaunt and greatly squaring from reason, there is no man but he hath eyther in himselfe by experience tryed, or by obseruation in others sufficiently noted. For what man in this so great imbecillity and frowardnes of nature, is not wyth some of these tempted and assayled?All mē subiect to affections. And althoughe some bee better able then other some, eyther to withstande or to qualefie and subdue his affections, yet is there no mā so perfect yt is not to some of them thrall and subiecte. How violent and vnrulye these affections be in some, which yeld their natures whollye to the impatencie thereof, and how greatly they disturbe and bring out of frame both the mynde and body, by manyfest examples is daily seene For many haue procured to themselues present death & destruction throughe rage,The greate hurts of affections. anger, shame and immoderate ioy: by reason, that the heart being lefte destitute of bloud and vitall Spirite fainteth, shrynketh, and is dissolued. Which felfe same thing (albeit by an other and diuers reasō) oftētimes happeneth also in feare, [Page] sorrow and sodaine frightes, at which times the heart is oppressed wyth too much abundaunce of bloude, and the vitall Spirite choak [...]d and stopped. Angre (which is a passion so lyke to fury and madnesse,Angre. as nothing in ye world more) what force it hath, and how much it altereth the state & outward shewe of the body, appeareth chiefly by countenaunce, colour, grymme visage, cruell and fierye eyes, puffinge & wrynkled nosethrilles, byting lyppes, enraged mouth, trembling & shakinge lymmes, vnsteadye gate, stammerynge and fearefull voyce. This affection or rather perturbation of the mynd, when it once reiecteth the rule of reason, and groweth into disordered outrage, is offensiue and troublous to others, but chieflye and specially, the party himselfe (therewt affected) throweth himself into perill of death, or at least into diseases very daūgerous. The mynd therfore must be reyned by reason, and curbed by temperaunce, that it yeld not to affections, but procure to it selfe quietnes & tranquillity,Tuscul. 5. which (as Tullye witnesseth) is the chiefeste pointe that helpeth vs in this lyfe to lyue well and happely.Tranquility of mynde. Which none can haue, sauing he, that can subdue and mayster his affections, and shake of the tyrannous yoke of lewd vices: & this is by no other meanes to be brought to passe, but by a fyrme & assured truste and beliefe in God onelye, and the same to bee stedfastly grounded vppon his holye Worde and Heauenlye Spyrite: by whose directiō a mā shal not fayle to haue the gyft of Tēpeperaunce, [Page 60] to qualefye all his wilful affections,Temperāce. & to withdraw and keepe him backe from all licentious lust,Goddes holye spirite subdueth & qualy fieth outragyous affections. Insolencie, immoderate ioye, excessiue myrth, hatred, angre, desyre of reuenge, greedye scrapyng, couetousnesse, and all other victous affections whatsoeuer. And by this meanes both the partes of man, that is to saye, both Soule & Body, (which by a certayne Sympathie or mutuall consent and conspyracie agree together) shal be in perfect state and soundnes withoute beinge wyth any Sicknesse, or greeuous malady distempered.

Seing now that corruption of the Ayre is the cause of this greeuous maladye or Ephemerall [Page] Ague, and that the Symptoma or Accidēt therof (which euen attendeth and wayteth vppon it, lyke as the shadow on ye body) is greeuous payne at the heart and sownyng, so is the Sweat it self the Crysis thereof, wherby Nature being strong, dispelleth and sendeth oute moyste fulsome fumes and sty kinge Humours, and consequentlye banisheth the disease:In what sort [...]o sweat and how longe. it must therfore at any hād be moderate, and not aboue the space of iiii. or vi. houres at the most, according to the imbecillitye and strength of nature. For toomuche, cleane throweth downe all the strength, and vtterly destroyeth the vitall spyrites. 041b061a72


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