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From Outreach To Equity: Innovative Models Of L... 'LINK'

Outreach in communities has expanded outside of Michigan to help expose youth from around the world to what an exciting creative career in transportation design at GM looks like. We are committed to making a difference in our DEI efforts and doing our part by including diversity, equity and inclusion to each and every community outreach event.

From Outreach to Equity: Innovative Models of L...

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Our designers create fresh and innovative designs for the interiors and exteriors of future GM vehicles. They utilize a variety of media to communicate their ideas visually-from pen and paper to the most sophisticated digital tools available. Their work focuses on the aesthetics of the vehicle.

This initiative seeks to transform and integrate practices in education, speech pathology, library sciences, and parent/family engagement through streamlined and cutting-edge models of professional development and community outreach.

Several types of community violence intervention program models have been used to reduce gun violence through outreach by credible messengers to individuals at highest risk, mediation of disputes that could potentially lead to shootings, promotion of nonviolent responses to conflicts, assistance with social services, and life coaching.

Oakland, California provides an excellent example of how investing in CVI, in partnership with law enforcement, can promote reforms in policing and reduce violence by placing a greater focus on the very small number of people involved in gun violence. Oakland adopted a special tax that provides significant and consistent funding for CVI programs. In 2012, the city implemented Ceasefire, a program that conducts in-depth problem analysis to identify individuals and groups involved in gun violence and engage these individuals with a clear message from law enforcement and the community that the violence must stop. Significant outreach and social support was offered in addition to a deterrence message. Additionally, the city invested in violence interruption and hospital-based violence intervention programs to provide a wide-range of support to those at highest risk for violence.

Key actions advancing the VA's aggressive treatment of HCV infection include expansion of treatment capacity using nonphysician providers, video telehealth, and electronic technologies; expansion of integrated care to address psychiatric and substance use comorbidities; and electronic data tools for patient tracking and outreach. A critical component of effective implementation has been building infrastructure through the creation of regional multidisciplinary HCV Innovation Teams, whose system redesign efforts have produced innovative HCV practice models addressing gaps in care while providing more efficient and effective HCV management for the populations they serve.

Community Engagement Advisory Group is currently creating a master list of all Region 9 organizations and agencies. The group is paying specific attention to the Social Determinants of Health and identifying key agencies that support multiple dimensions of health. The group will share resources, events, and information with Region 9, solicit feedback directly from community members, encourage community member participation and conduct specific outreach to underrepresented populations in Region 9.

EVNoire is a national award winning organization, our work focuses on E-Mobility Best Practices and E-Mobility Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We specialize in providing engagement to next generation multi modal mobility. Working with our innovative frameworks we are national thought leaders with community engagement, research/focus groups, awareness, education and outreach, expanding charging infrastructure, fleet deployment, marketing/launches, workplace charging, beneficial public policy advocacy as well providing resources and access to underserved and diverse communities around affordable cleaner and greener sustainable energy vehicles and platforms.National Award Winners, For Work In E-Mobility, Equity, Inclusion & Integration. Our Mobility Intelligence Consulting Group, works with Companies, Transit Agencies, Utilities, Non Profits, Municipalities, Government Agencies, Public Health Organizations, Regional & National Groups, Developers as well as Auto Manufacturers to address the negative impacts of 100 years of habitual use of fossil fuels and climate change to expand the opportunities, market share, and impact of clean and sustainable transportation.

For some organizations, simply doing what is right may be enough to spur action. Others may be moved by data showing that diversity can boost the quality of decision-making and that a diverse workforce is smarter and higher-performing and fosters enhanced innovation. And when board members, employees, donors, and others who shape the values and activities of a nonprofit come from a wide array of backgrounds, they bring unique perspectives that influence how the nonprofit approaches its mission in more inclusive and innovative ways. 041b061a72


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