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Buy Restaurant Booth Seating

The comfort and style of our standard and custom-made booth seating will keep your customers coming back for more. From a simple single or double, to a U shape or 3/4 booth, we can provide the booth seating that is right for your venue. If you need help, the Booth Space Planner and the Restaurant Booth Buying Guide can help you decide which one is right for you.

buy restaurant booth seating

With a huge selection of styles, vinyl and fabrics to choose from, you can make your restaurant unique with any of our booths. Our experts can help you find the right one to fit your atmosphere and decor. Together with our selection of restaurant chairs, bar stools and restaurant tables we can help you come up with a seating plan that helps make the vision for your restaurant a reality.

Whether you decide on a 3 channel back, button tufted back or wood booth, you are guaranteed to get a durable piece of restaurant furniture at a low price. Preparing for a grand opening or remodeling a diner? Affordable Seating can help you find the right restaurant booth for your needs. Call (888) 495-8884 for our restaurant dining booths or buy online.

* To receive the discount on a qualified item please fax or email the quote on official letterhead from the merchant or submit it via fax. Our fax # is: (888) 496-5554. To email the quote please send it to For any assistance, please call us at (888) 495-8884.

Restaurant Furniture Guide: Choosing Restaurant BoothsPopular among restaurant owners and patrons alike, booths for restaurants offer a comfortable seating option, pleasing aesthetics, and a private dining experience, making them an alluring addition to dining venues. There are a few major factors that should influence your decision regarding which restaurant booths to choose. Creating an effective booth layout will help you maintain the look of your restaurant, whether you have a small cafe or a large franchise. You want customers to feel comfortable while also allowing your servers to move around freely in this fast-paced environment.

There are a few major factors that should influence your decision regarding which restaurant booths to choose. Our expert team has compiled a list of top tips for choosing the best booth seating for your venue in the section below.

Restaurant booths serve to express and enhance your existing décor. They range from plain back, country style, button tufted, bead board, V-back, channel back and fan back. Each style fits best with different interior designs. For example:

Large Venues: For big and popular venues that cater to large crowds, custom restaurant booths are the best choice. Half circle or even three quarters circle booths will allow you to sit large parties in comfort especially when using booth tables with a cut corner.

Restaurant booths are generally made of wood with springs and high density foam seat and back upholstered in fabric or vinyl. Some booths come fully padded and upholstered whereas others have a partially padded back or un-padded wood seat and back.

Ultimately, booths are space-efficient, cost-effective, and the perfect addition to any venue. They are a very popular seating option designed to keep guests comfortable! If you have more questions our team can help you choose booths for any type of restaurant! We have helped a lot of restaurant owners find the right booths for their venues, and we are excited to assist you with your needs! Please give us a call at: (888) 409-1115.

At Chicago Booth Manufacturing, we are proud to offer an extensive range of restaurant booths, chairs, bar stools, and tables for small and large establishments. Whether you need restaurant booth seating for one restaurant or fifty, or booths for your hospitality or medical venue, we can deliver your furniture on time and within your budget.

Stylish, functional booths are our specialty. We offer double, single, and modular booths in popular styles, including the All American, Ambassador, Caballero, and Chicago. As well as standard straight booths, many of our booths are available in circular and corner shapes to fit the layout of your foodservice. Our modular booths allow for simplified maintenance and part replacement, while our UniPost construction booths feature unified frame pieces for maximum strength and durability.

We offer round and rectangular tables in wood, metal, and PVC, with a laminate or wood surface for easy cleaning. Choose between movable tables and bases for flexible presentations in an open floor space, or go for a cantilever or fixed-base table for use with our restaurant booths.

For waiting customers, takeout restaurants, and modular seating have a look at our premium waiting benches and tuffet seats. We also offer cash stations, storage counters, and water stations that can be milled to your exact specifications.

Whether you are opening a new restaurant, or simply want to upgrade an existing one, restaurant booths are a necessary investment that should last you many, worry-free years. Our restaurant booths are built and upholstered by our own dedicated craftsmen here in the USA. Because we manufacture our products, we are able to offer competitive prices on all of our commercial booths.

How much do Upholstered Restaurant Booths cost?There are many, many options and modifications available. Also, the size of your project will go a long way in determining how much you'll pay. Anyone can be competitive on a large order, we can be competitive on the medium and small ones too.For fast, precise quotes on upholstered restaurant booths please contact us by telephone. or by E-Mail: Can I get an Upholstered Restaurant Booth for my house?Sorry, the shops we work with are set up for commercial, industrial and institutional projects. Also, crating and the cost of shipping charges for small orders to residential destinations most often make such purchases impractical for everyone involved. What colors are available?There are hundreds of commercial vinyl upholstery materials available. Our best prices and best delivery times can be had by choosing Solid Color Vinyl Upholstery and Premium Zodiac Glitter Special Vinyls. You may also wish to research vinyls and fabrics available from popular commercial suppliers such as Naugahyde and C.F. Stinson What booth sizes and configurations are available?

A restaurant's booth seating areas are often the most desirable seats in the house. The cost of buying restaurant booths comes as a shock to many uninitiated operators. If the restaurateur acquired booths as a part of purchasing a restaurant business and discovers later that the booth seating needs to be replaced or repaired he can be frustrated by the choices the market offers. Your existing booth seating may be a big asset with a lot going for it and some consideration should be given to keeping it. However, it is not so simple to get existing seating refurbished and recovered. A good upholstery shop is going to advise against patching tears and punctures. Such repairs are unsightly and temporary at best. A good shop will want to strip the existing upholstery material, re-build your seats and completely recover them. If the wood booth frames were cheaply constructed originally there may not be much worth saving by reupholstering them. Look for at least some hardwood construction components in your old booth frames. If the booth frame is entirely made with plywood it may be a tip off that it will be difficult to salvage the piece as cheaper manufacturing materials were used. If you know who the original manufacturer of your existing booth seating was you should be able to research that company's relative quality standing in the restaurant furniture industry. The skill and resources of the firm hired to do the booth recovery work is also an important aspect of making the repair versus replace decision. Anyone who specializes in this type of work should be able to offer you some local references. You and your repair contractor also need to determine if the work can be performed at your location during off hours or at the contractor's shop or a combination of both. Salvaging your existing booths will keep them out of a landfill, you won't have to pay freight charges to get them to your restaurant and you won't have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in sales taxes for a new restaurant booth purchase. The money you pay to get them fixed stays in your local community. If you are fortunate enough to find a cache of used booths you think you can use in your new restaurant make sure you can really use them. Many states and localities may have fire codes that changed since your used booths were made and installed. While a fire inspector may give you a pass because your seating is used, it is just as likely he won't. Plus, you really do want your new place to be fire safe anyway. Old booths can smell. If your used booths have been recently removed from closed restaurant this probably won't be a problem. If they have been stored in a basement or unheated warehouse space for any length of time you might want to check them out carefully for musty, cigarette or spoiled food odors. There professional cleaning services or odor-absorbing techniques you can employ to avoid bringing the odor of your bargain used restaurant booths into your new restaurant. In addition, be wary of used upholstered booths that have been carelessly stored. The wood frames may be warped. Make sure that used booths placed on a flat surface are still level. Reusing another restaurant's old booths requires some creativity, imagination and common sense. Be sure you can buy enough single end booths to actually make use of the easier to find and more plentiful double booths. Ending a row of booths with a double looks poorly planned and will cost you in wasted space and seating capacity. Most upholstered restaurant booths are finished on the aisle end and not on the end facing the wall. This makes no difference with double booth seats but a single booth finished only on one end is directional that is, finished right OR finished left. Single booths finished on two ends and finished on the back of the back are a true find and can be used anywhere in your new layout. Corner booths and circle booths pose the same finished end finished back dilemma. A corner booth that looked great in its original setting may not work in your new restaurant space if the unfinished backs are exposed to view or can be seen from outside through a window. Be certain that the seat lengths of the used booths fits your menu and foodservice style. An upholstered booth with a seat length of 42 inches coming out of a snack shop may be perfectly serviceable and in good condition but inappropriate in a fine dining establishment. Especially if other areas of your restaurant have more spacious, larger scale seating. 041b061a72


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