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Sultan Kornilov
Sultan Kornilov

Download File Bodyv2.rar

3. Extract the MantisBuddyForWindowsV3.rar ( for Mac) file into any folder. You would see a few ADB files along with MantisBuddy files in that folder. Take a look below.

Download File bodyv2.rar

Yes you can. Everyone can use my texture pack. If you want to post my download link somewhere, do it. However, I do not give anyone permission to edit or alter my texture pack in any way and then redistribute it. I also do not give anyone permission to redistribute it with their own download link, you must copy the download links I have provided.

Hello Kasai, now that I see that there are more versions of the Texture Pack I still have version 4.6.0 I would like to know if it is not a nuisance where I can download version 4.7.4 which is the best for now.

This thread might be dead now but if you are working with forms in your database and the user needs to be attaching the files to a particular record displayed in a form with a unique identification number then this is definitely possible but you would have to do it in an external application written in .NET I can provide you with the necessary code to get you started, is very similar to VBA.

This reply might be late but just wanna share one of the approach!I have done this successfully with VBA and the demo link is here =0&d=1With this, you can upload, download or delete a file with your GoogleDrive in Access..Just Wininet + WinHTTP enoughDang Dinh ngocVietnam

The body is recolorable via overrides and sourcefiles let you make and compile any character to avoid headhacking in SFM whatsoever. An IK rig is included, and texture .psd template is available from sourcefiles.

SFMLenin is a free service. However, it costs about $0.03 to deliver you a 1GB file. With over 20TB of traffic every month and growing, SFMLenin needs your help. If only 1% of our users each gave us $5 for a single month, we could keep the site running for several years.

Conscious flow and revelation: Sorry about my english, i`m not native speaker. Time: For photoshop 30 pics i spend 16 hours(all day). I play Strive4Power from version 2.7 and still didn't kill wyvern not to mention golem? =D Partly that bc ima creating mod, that mean lot of testing/working with code and almost with every new game version i need to merge/and sometime rework every file.

the standard path is "C:\Users\userName\AppData\Roaming\Strive" both portraits and bodies files are there... if you are having troubles selecting a new path, you can use the default one, just copy the pictures there.

Mod works by replacing "func randomportrait(person):" contents with what is in the mod file, leaving the rest of the character constructor alone. Thus as long as the mods continue to work the same way, this should work with future versions, without worrying about the rest of the file. I did have issues when randomBody function existed, the mod code seems fragile and was inserting in an empty function. Collapsed it down into the main function and all is working.

The text can be anywhere in the filename, or directory path. It gets list of all portraits, then checks against their file path for the following to shrink the list down. If any of these shrinks the list to 0, it disregards the results and uses the prior list. So like, if Sex returns 0, then it returns back the full list. That's why you don't see Female in any of them. The search is case insensitive.

In the packs in here, there's only 2 male files, so if it's a male, suddenly it'll get a dragonkin portrait/body. I almost prefer that if it can't find a male portrait for appropriate race, it doesn't set one at all. So I'm going to tweak this to specifically want male and not female in a file if it's a male, and if it can't find any, it doesn't apply. futanari will fallback to unspecified still.

SexiestManAlive is working on a HUGE female portrait pack. That is going to have pictures named with gender, race, hair color, breast size, skin tone, and butt size. It would be great if you two could get chatting and come up with a standard file naming method that will pull images correctly. Don't know if he is working on a script too or not.

Problems might arise when 'body parts' have the same color (eg brown skin and brown hair). So long as everyone is on the same page with naming files, this shouldn't be an obstacle. Maybe agree that skin tones need altered name like brwn, bluu, greeen etc

I think just appending Hair or Skin should be sufficient. I'm thinking in that case, it'd be best to instead read through the file list once, cache it, and then do more complicated analysis on the name to capture out attributes. BrownHair BrownSkin = specific attributes, Brown without a qualifier however is treated as hair. As long as everything is consistent, I'm sure I can make something to match it. Biggest thing is to make sure the body matches the portrait path.

I also noticed there's an issue with Elf vs DarkElf. where Elf will match all DarkElf currently. Also wondering how best to handle DarkElf vs. Drow. Visually I'm not aware of any difference between the two? Thinking it makes sense for DarkElf and Drow to accept protraits named for either. Or should that be left up to the portrait pack to name the file with both? 041b061a72


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