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Janus One Phone Buy

Chances are when you think of a basic cell phone - it's a clamshell / flip that has zero style and is all about functionality. While these used to be fairly prominent amongst users looking for a simpler experience, a majority have found a way to move on and have abandoned these "relics" in exchange for cheaper, powerful and more versatile smartphones.

janus one phone buy

While 'dumbphones' may never rise to prominence again, there is and always will be a community that enjoys niche products that pluck at the heart strings with nostalgia. Such is the case with the Janus One, a simple, yet elegant cell phone that was backed by over 1,000 people that pledged a combined $100,000 on Kickstarter.

The Janus One is a simple slab style device ( 3.90 x 2.24 x 0.22 in ) that melds the simplicity of a basic cellular phone with the design and materials of something you'd find on a high-end smartphone. Okay, that last part might be pushing it a little, but it really is a nice piece of hardware.

The One feels heavy in the hand thanks to its zinc alloy mid bezel that is sandwiched between two plastic pieces with similar texture to what's found on a lenticular motion trading card. The front offers a slim 1.68" OLED display, a large backlit number pad with ports on the left side (microUSB and microSIM slot) that are protected by rubber port covers. The keys for the arrow and number pad feel okay for the most part, but can feel a bit mushy due to it utilizing a membrane keyboard. Overall, I like the weight of the phone and although the keys could have a bit more feedback, its an easy trade off considering the phone is water resistant.

What I can say is that for basic use, it works. But, when you begin to type out a text message, it becomes evident that features like predicative text input might have been a nice touch. Also some of the menu options don't work - pedograph, remote capture and find phone. Overall, this isn't a complicated menu and it works for the most basic interactions. But, having only one line displayed at a time definitely hurts the experience making the navigation of menus a bit tedious.

Sadly, this is where I regret to inform you that the Janus One did not work as a mobile phone. After popping in different SIM cards from different mobile providers, the phone simply refused to work. I reached out to the company and was informed that in the U.S. the Janus One might not work due to its 2G radio. Despite confirmed 2G coverage in many areas that I travel (in the United States), not once did a receive a signal. Interestingly, even if there wasn't signal, I would think that One would at least acknowledge that a SIM was present. You can imagine my disappointment. I was looking forward to trotting around a device for a few weeks (one charge has lasted three weeks so far) without charging it.

With hopes dashed of using the phone on its own, I had to rely on tethering it for a simulated experience. As a tethered handset, it works like standard Bluetooth earpiece, but offers the ability to access various data from the connected phone. When tethered you are able to access contacts, texts, call logs and more - in this case I was tethered to an LG G4 and it worked extremely well. Naturally, this was convenient when I had my phone in a bag and the Janus One in my pocket.

So despite the phone not working as I intended, I still had some fun using the device and found it a suitable companion to my smartphone. While it does compliment a smartphone well, it is completely unnecessary and cumbersome. The only saving grace of having the Janus One paired with a smartphone in day-to-day use is the fact that the Janus One can also be used as a charging pack (1500 mAh).

If the 'One' is capable of functioning in your area, it will be ideal for someone who has rejected the idea of using a smartphone, found a smartphone too complicated or again the niche user. This could also be a great device in a rugged environment due to its solid build, resistance to moisture and long battery life. While some might find the One a bit too primitive for 2015, others will embrace the simplicity and find the experience liberating. Whichever the case, the One takes something old, repackages is it into an elegant and solid presentation and offers it to the highest bidder.

Every night of the year highly trained Yellow Brick Road community volunteer teams and professional staff walk the streets of downtown Portland making over 2,000 contacts monthly with homeless youth, building trust, helping meet their immediate needs and linking youth with services to help them get off the streets. A one-day a week stationary outreach location provides youth with connection to basic services including shower and laundry facilities, telephone and internet connection and linkage to a host of additional supportive services. Volunteers must be over 18 and are asked to make a six month commitment.

To apply for Bridge House, please complete an application and return to, or hand deliver to 4015 SE Madison, Portland, OR 97214. Once Bridge House receives your application, they will contact you to schedule an interview. Please note there is typically a one to two month wait list.

To apply for Changes, please complete an application and return to, or hand deliver to 4015 SE Madison, Portland, OR 97214. Once Changes receives your application, they will contact you to schedule an interview. For questions or assistance with your application, please call us at the number below.

The Janus LTE POTSwap allows users to replace analog (copper) phone lines, also called POTS (plain old telephone service) or PSTN (public switched telephone network), with a cost-competitive POTSwap unit and cellular voice and data plans. The POTSwap converts your fixed location landline devices to cellular enabled fixed or mobile implementations.

Janus One is a new age phone that has reincarnated the primary function of a phone in a smart and elegant way. The phone has only two primary functions, making calls and connectivity to a smartphone via tethering. Janus One is produced by GT Star company. While most of us have switched over to smartphones and tablets, it leaves a big question mark in our mind how can Janus One can make it big amid these huge ocean of latest and advanced smartphones and gadgets.

Janus One has answers to our questions. The first and foremost reason for owning a Janus One is its enormous battery backup. The phone offers a standby time of 3 months and 12 hours talk time whichis simply impeccable. Now the 1500mAh is strong enough to charge your smartphone when it becomes discharged. So, Janus One can beused as a power bank to charge up your smartphones as and when required. Apart from this, the phone is super slim and small. It has the dimension of a credit card and a thickness of 5.5 mm which can easily fit inside your wallets or pockets.

Janus One is really different from the current pattern of phones available but it is not too bad too because of its 3 month standby time, slim design , and great price but on the other hand in this latest and advanced smartphone world will it really be able to survive.

Janus One has been available for preorder on Kickstarter. Pledging $69 will let you own the cell phone. It will be shipped in September this year. BTW, also done miss and more cool stuff by following tags.

This is how it could work. Say you're attending a concert. You would open up the Janus website on your smartphone, and fill out a questionnaire specific to the venue. You might be asked to verify your identity with a two-factor authentication and step up to the machine.

After scanning the QR code on your phone, you place your head in the range of the camera and within one to five seconds the machine will send the temperature information to your mobile device. The screen on the Janus device won't show your result, but will tell the screener if a guest has been granted access to the venue or not.

Janus can also be used for checking employee temperatures. Staff can either use a phone log-on like customers would, or the machine can be programmed to be integrated with the company's HR system or badge reader.

If Janusgate Mobile detects that an e-mail containing sensitive information is being delivered to a smartphone, Janusgate Mobile can notify the recipient that the original message is not accessible on the smartphone and inform the recipient of how to access the original message. Alternatively, if personal or confidential information is detected in a message, such as a credit card number, a tax file number, a social security number or a keyword, that portion of the message can be replaced.

Use Janusgate Mobile to measure the amount of sensitive information stored on smartphones. Used in this fashion, Janusgate Mobile does not impact the flow of information delivered to smartphones, but allows assessment and approval of the impact of a mobile e-mail enforcement policy by board and senior executive prior to its introduction.

Janusgate Mobile can minimise the risk of leakage by replacing sensitive information prior to its delivery to a smartphone. Messages which are too sensitive to deliver to smart phones can be substituted with notification messages. These messages can be used to notify the recipient that the original message is available. If a credit card number or similar is detected, Janusgate Mobile can replace the number with predefined character.

Traditionally, enterprises provide only a single type of smartphone for their employees. As these devices have had to meet minimum security requirements to store sensitive information, the solutions have not been scalable to provide mobile email access for a large number of enterprise users.

Janusgate Mobile allows for a variety of smartphones to be connected to the Exchange Server. A blanket policy can be used for all smart phone types. Janusgate Mobile's rich policy set also allows the policy to be specialised for different devices. For example, if one device type was deemed to be more secure than another, then it would be possible to allow more sensitive information onto that phone. 041b061a72


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