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Sudden Attack 2 Game [TOP] Download

In contrast to the cessation of Sudden Attack in North America, Nexon America has not yet pulled the plug on Sudden Attack 2. In fact, the Korean version of Sudden Attack 2 has already sold over five million units. The company did, however, give an extended period of free downloads for the original sudden attack FPS title. This was done in an attempt to entice both new and old players to buy Sudden Attack II. The period of free downloads will run until Sudden Attack II reaches number three on the worldwide chart. Nexon will then charge its North American users for the game.

Sudden Attack 2 Game Download

  • Sudden Attack is an epic first person shooter game in which you must help your search party survive as it is ambushed by a horde of mutated monsters. Now is the time to show your steel and put all your elite soldier training into practice. You must work hard to eliminate the vile monsters and destroy them with the weapons that you find on the floor and in buildings.Try to use strategy and cunning to outwit the monsters and to take them down without losing members of your team. The game features amazing 3D graphics, fun first person shooter gameplay and an interesting abandoned city to explore. Can you survive the sudden attack and destroy this xenos threat?Release DateMarch 2018 DeveloperSudden Attack was made by Falco Software. Try also Secret Laboratory from the same developer.FeaturesTakes place in an abandoned and destroyed city

  • Teammates to help your battle

  • Nice 3D graphics

  • Plenty of weapon options that you can use

  • PlatformSudden Attack is a web browser game. ControlsUse the WASD keys or the arrow keys to control the movement

  • Press left mouse button to attack

  • Press F to pick-up item

  • Use R to reload

  • Space bar to jump

  • Shift to sprint


In the popular real-time strategy games of Sudden Strike, players command troops during the second World War over a number of historical battles and locations. As American, British, Japanese, French, or German armies, gamers fight with hundreds of soldiers and authentic vehicles through destructible environments, including an exciting single-player or challenging multiplayer mode. Whether playing commando-style or using the massive air raid attack, Sudden Strike puts World War II at players' fingertips. In addition, all of the Sudden Strike games include footage of the brand new Fireglow titles, Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory and Stranger.

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