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Liam Rivera
Liam Rivera

Rumble Town Racing 2 Free Download 14

"I was applying for a grant for free bicycle helmets. The grant requires that we have a safety class to give out the helmets," Harris said. "I thought, 'What if we have the safety class in downtown and then let the kids ride around on a couple streets?' I knew my kids would love that."

Rumble town racing 2 free download 14

The free ride lane and obstacle courses will be open during the entire event. The free ride lane will be around the block between Harper and West avenues and Main and Church streets. There will be three obstacles courses that include rumble boards, see-saws, ramps, balance beams, and bunny hops. Two courses will be "easy" and one will be more advanced. Volunteers may switch up the order of the obstacles a few times during the day.

The Rocktown Rambler is a celebration of riding backcountry roads in the Shenandoah Valley. There will be gravel, some climbing, some descending, some singletrack, and a lot of fun! We welcome everyone that wants to have a good time - whether that is by racing, riding, or partying (or doing all three at once)!


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