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Sultan Kornilov
Sultan Kornilov

J Cole Born Sinner Album Download Zip !LINK!

Much like the first prequel to the J. Cole trilogy, Truly Yours 2, the follow-up to Born Sinneris one of Cole s most important projects to date. The albums hidden track, No Role Modelzis a good introduction to the tracklisting. Speaking about money and success, Cole expresses his thoughts on his economic gain, but credits God and Jesus for the money. He then goes into his journey of being told how to act by a rooster-like figure, even going as far as to say that it made him wanna take a shot on J. Coles offer. While its very funny, its the track that really seals the deal for me about the significance of this album. Its hard not to be a fan of any artist that tells the world to have faith in a higher power, and this is easily one of the best.

j cole born sinner album download zip

Check out the music video to the intense and personal, A Million Different Ways,which is another one of my favorites off the album. The video features some shots of the album cover, and alot of footage of Cole on set, doing press and other hype modes of a career. The video helps to sell the album, and gives us a look into the rapper life. I love the honesty that Cole displays throughout the track, almost selling his home life to us, he speaks about how he doesnt like to see grown men cry, and doesnt like to see other men cry either. I love that Cole is honest in this song, because as I watch it unfold, it makes me to think about my own role models and what I want to be as a person. This song is definitely one of the best, and the one track that feels very personal and raw. Its very powerful, and sets the tone for the music video for the rest of the album.


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