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What would happen if the Church around the Aroostook County region joined together for a time of radical generosity and service in Jesus’ name? What if, for the sake of the Kingdom, believers stepped across denominational lines in order to display God’s love to our neighbors? Can you imagine how our entire region would be transformed, all to the glory of God?

This Spring you’re invited to participate in Love Aroostook, part of Love Atlantic, a multi-church initiative to put the love of God on full display across The Atlantic region. From May 13-28, 2023, congregations of all sizes and representing multiple denominations will actively seek ways to serve and bless our communities.

Through this initiative, hundreds of thousands of dollars will be raised and given away in Jesus’ name. Recipients will include a broad range of schools, community organizations, parachurch ministries, and individuals with specific needs. Ultimately, your congregation will decide where the funds you raise will be distributed.

In addition to financial gifts, countless hours will be given to serve our communities. Service projects can range from cleaning city streets to partnering with local organizations to helping elderly neighbors prepare their homes after a harsh winter. Again, your congregation will get to identify the needs God is calling you to meet.

Because God has been so generous toward us, we are compelled in turn to be generous toward the world around us. It’s out of His unending generosity that we give. This is always true in each and every season, but specifically during this one week, let’s pull out all the stops to intentionally see just how much love we can show in Jesus’ name. Imagine what God will do.

For additional information and to find out how how you can participate in Love Aroostook, keep reading. Should you choose to sign up, you’ll have access to additional guides, instructional videos, and promotional materials.

We’re looking forward to joining with you this fall as we give and serve in Jesus’ name. May our generosity be a reflection of His, all for His glory.


The week of May 13-28, 2023. Celebration on the weekend of June 4th, 2023.



The regional Church joining together in an unprecedented effort to shine the love, kindness, generosity and care of Jesus Christ all over Aroostook County. Christian Churches from every stream and background coming together with one unifying goal: kindness and care to Atlantic States and Provinces to the glory of Jesus Christ, and for the blessing of the communities in which God has placed His people.




Simply mobilize yourself, your family, your small group, your friends, and your church in a week of coordinated financial blessings and acts of service. With no shortage of need around the Atlantic region, the sky’s the limit! See the regional Church come together in powerful expressions of the love of Jesus throughout NB, NS, PE, NL & ME

The only rule is this: whatever you and your church do, it has to be radical generosity in the name of Jesus, with no strings attached. Give a financial gift, split and stack wood for a neighbor in need, pay for someone's rent, support a worthy non-profit, pay for someone's gas or groceries, donate your professional services, take front line workers a “thank you” meal… be creative! What you do is up to you. See how God leads you, give in faith, and watch God show up in powerful ways! The point is kindness and care in Jesus’ name.




Anyone that's willing to be radically generous in Jesus’ name. Different groups from all over Aroostook County will be participating, including various denominations as well as independent church groups. will all be joining together in this incredible effort in the hopes that it makes waves throughout the region.




Love Aroostook is about the regional Church embodying the radical generosity that God has showered on us through His infinite blessing, namely through His Son, Jesus Christ. All across NB, NS, PE,  NL & ME churches will be expressing the love of God within their own communities.




Jesus once said that the primary mark of His disciples is how we love each other (see John 13:35). When Jesus challenged us to love well, He wasn't simply encouraging His people to love the world but to love one another. He said that the unity and love of the Church would speak loudest to a doubting world. We are convinced, then, that this initiative will be a double edged sword in its impact; the deep care and kindness of the Church across the region will be shown through the generosity expressed, and simultaneously, the unprecedented partnership and unity of the Church will prove to be irresistibly powerful.

How we treat others says everything about how we reflect Jesus to the world around us. Through our coordinated efforts, thousands of lives will be touched in the name of Jesus by the people of Jesus. We sincerely hope that Love Atlantic will serve as irrefutable evidence that God is good, that He cares about the needs of ordinary people, and that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world.

Imagine… what could happen when the Church comes together in countless, coordinated, selfless acts of generosity in an unprecedented move of Church unity, all in the same week throughout the same region? Let's find out together.

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